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Welcome to Coco House (Pvt) Ltd

Our story began in 1974, when coconut production in Sri Lanka was still a small-scale industry and used traditional practices that had been passed down through generations of local farmers. Our founder, P. John Aloysius Fernando, first launched his business after receiving 500 rupees (a little more than US$3 today) from his father. Armed with a vision and entrepreneurial spirit, he spent 200 rupees on a bicycle and used the rest of the money for coconuts, which he would buy from farmers and supply to local stores. By 1978, he was one of the main suppliers of coconuts in Sri Lanka.

In 1980, six years after the days when he would tirelessly buy and supply coconuts on his bicycle, he set up his first coconut oil mill for the purpose of manufacturing and trading coconut oil, an essential ingredient in local cuisine and a staple in Sri Lankan households. In 1987, as lifestyles and demands changed, his company would be one of the first to import palm olein from Malaysia to Sri Lanka. Twenty years since its inception, in 1994, Fernando rebranded his company as Manisha Private Limited.

Our vision

Our vision is to deliver the benefits of nutrient-dense organic coconuts to the rest of the world, in the form high-quality, value-added consumer products with the highest quality standards.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing our consumers with products that are manufactured with organic coconuts of the finest quality and stringent quality standards at our state-of-the-art factories. We are also passionate about our people, from the farmers who supply us with coconuts to our factory staff who ensure each product is created with care, and empower them with new skills and fair, sustainable work practices and wages.

Messasge from the Chariman

The coconut tree has always intrigued me, even as a child who played around the tall, majestic coconut trees that grew in my hometown. This is why I chose to develop a business around the coconut tree, which is iconic of our island, Sri Lanka, its people and lifestyles. When I first started this company, encourage by a small gift of money from my father, I spent many hard days and nights, buying and selling coconuts from my bicycle. It was challenging, but I stayed closed to what I love and knew best - the coconut - and it was not too long before I transitioned from a one-man operation to a functional coconut oil mill and company.

Today, Manisha Group has evolved to become one of Sri Lanka’s largest family-owned companies. We employ over 5,000 direct workers from the villages in and around the Coconut Triangle of Sri Lanka, the home of our business. Whether on our green estates or within our modern factories, we aim to maintain a strong sense of family. This has been one of our biggest priorities; that our employees feel our home is also their home. We also continuously empower them by providing them with opportunities for growth, including valuable skills training and social welfare programmes. In this way, we are not just providing them employment, but uplifting an entire community, by giving them the means to learn and earn a sustainable income.

Forty two years later, I am inspired to see the new directions the company is taking in order to meet the growing demands of global consumers, who are concerned about eating and living better. Despite some negative press in previous years, we have always known that the coconut is the secret to the healthy lifestyles of generations before us. Today, the coconut has been reinstated as a superfood with many health and nutritional benefits, and we are happy to be able to deliver products of the finest quality to those who want to reap these benefits.

I am confident that Coco House will continue to reach great heights as a company of the future, with a commitment to innovation, high quality and sustainability, while maintaining our own ethos of family.